Papago! Releases the New GoSafe TPMS100, A Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System



Papago! Releases the New GoSafe TPMS100,
A Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

LOS ANGELES, May 19, 2016- Designed with driver’s safety in mind, PAPAGO! introduces the GoSafe TPMS 100, an easy to install tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) created to minimize chances of accidents, improve fuel efficiency, lengthen the life of tires, and minimize suspension wear on cars that do not already have a TPMS.
Wireless tire sensors inspect the pressure and temperature of each tire and then send the information to a receiver, a compact device that shows the information in an easy-to-read display. The receiver, integrated with a USB port, goes inserted into the car’s lighter. When an abnormal change in pressure or temperature occurs, the receiver beeps and identifies which specific tire is impaired, alerting the driver to pull over. With the GoSafe TPMS 100, all you’ll have to do is focus on the road. Please visit GoSafe TPMS100 for features, videos and reviews.



   PAPAGO! Inc. was established in Taiwan in 2001 and has become the leading brand in Asia, Australia, and now America. In 2011, PAPAGO! Inc. became an IPO in Taiwan and has begun to invest more in the car safety industry.
PAPAGO! Inc. has become a pioneer in the dash camera market. They dedicated themselves to promising drivers the most comfortable and safest journeys when driving on the road. PAPAGO! strives to develop products that are user-friendly and promote safety as a key feature. When creating products, our goal is to ensure that the consumer will enjoy all the benefits that our research and design team intended, at an affordable price. At PAPAGO! Inc., safety meets technology to provide drivers with a more secure driving experience.

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