What is a Dash cam?

Dash cam is the next step in driving security. The dash cam is a surveillance-oriented video recorder mounted on the windscreen of a vehicle facing out to the road. It tracks the events going on around your car into a Micro SD card and stores video evidence if incidents occur. Dash cams automatically power up and record when your engine is turn on and automatically turn off and stop recording when the engine is turned off. Dash cams are powered through an accessory socket (cigarette lighter socket) through the power cord. Some PAPAGO dash cams can continue to record even when you have parked and away from your vehicle to catch vandals and can monitor your garage/property. These parked recording features are enabled by hard wiring your dash cam to your car’s battery.

A dash cam provides irrefutable video evidence for protection from false accusations after the incident; drunk drivers, road rage and insurance fraud (just to mention a few). The video can also be used as evidence to support removing hoon drivers in the community off the roads, thereby protecting everyone. After accidents occur on the road, we usually hear police crash investigators on radio or TV call on the public to send them any dash cam footage of the incident. Crash investigators can use this important footage to help you figure out what happened in the lead up to an accident.

Today, dash cams are used by most drivers in Europe, America, Russia, South Korea, Southeast Asia and rapidly growing in popularity in Australia.

The Importance of Quality Dash Cams are:

Protect yourself

Dash cams are important because they help drivers protect themselves from false accusations in road incidents. It’s clear to us that no matter how careful you drive, if other drivers are not careful, you can easily end up in an accident. You may be charged guilty by the insurance company, depending on the situation. With a dash cam, safe drivers can record the whole scene of the incident and ensure that the right party takes the responsibility.

Stop Vandalism/Hit & Run and Monitor your parked vehicle

PAPAGO dash cams can protect customer’s cars from being vandalized while parked. With the use of a hardwire kit to provide constant power, the Dash Cam can be triggered by motion or impact and record what is happening around the parked car. We all know what mall/supermarket parking lots are like. In most cases, the careless driver will leave the scene without giving details. A dash camera can help prove to your insurance company that you did not cause the damage yourself, or in the case of intentional damage, the footage can be shown to the police. 

Other Importance Of Quality Dash Cams Are:

  1. With a quality dash cam, employers can monitor and ensure employees are following company rules when driving fleet vehicles.
  2. A quality dash cam provides irrefutable video evidence in the event of a road incident – false accusations can be disputed.
  3. Some quality dash cam models provide GPS location tracking and vehicle speed.
  4. Quality dash cam is indispensable because it provides protection and evidence from a hit and runs incidents, car theft, and malicious damage.
  5. Quality dash cam is easy to install and easy to use.
  6. Reduce the time to settle a claim by an insurance company or court.
  7. Change driving behavior and protect our roads – hoon/dangerous drivers are becoming increasingly aware that their behavior could be recorded.

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