Reasons it’s so Important to have a Dashcam in 2018

Dashboard cameras have been very popular over the past years because of the many benefits. If you aren’t too familiar with how a dash cam works, it’s a camera mounted at the dashboard of your car. It is designed to record everything that is happening on the road when you are driving. Nowadays dash cams are accessible to any drivers, ranging taxi drivers, bus drivers, and police officers. Today, we will give you a little insight of why it’s so important to drive with a dash cam in this modern age

Have Hard Evidence of Your Accident

Drivers will often have different memories and descriptions of a car accident. With a dash cam you will have hard evidence in video that you were not driver that was responsible for causing the accident. This can save from fault by the car insurance company and from receiving higher car insurance rates moving forward. In the long run, it is always best to be on the safe side to save you time, money, and having peace in mind.

Protect Yourself from Insurance Fraud



In some cases there are a lot of dishonest people trying to make a quick buck off of innocent drivers on the road. Shockingly, there are some people so run towards car to pretend that a car has hit them. In these instances, a dash cam can be life saving because you actually stand a chance in a courtroom. With your own video evidence no one could pull a fast one on you.

For Worrying Parents

If you’re a parent then you might already be familiar with a scary feeling watching them drive off. Having a dash cam connect with a GPS Antenna is great if you want to keep a watchful eye of their whereabouts. You will also be able to review the dash cam recordings to see how they are driving when you aren’t around. If they are making any mistakes you will be able to fix any bad driving habits before it becomes serious.

Document Your Journey 

On a more lighthearted note, dash cams aren’t just for catching evidence. If you ever go on a road trip you can document your entire journey from point A to point B. Imagine driving through the coast which can be a once in a lifetime journey, you would be able to beautiful capture all of that on a dash cam. Do not forget to bring some extra SD cards if your trip is incredibly long! One of our best cameras for that is our GoSafe S810.

Getting a dash cam is a step in taking control of your vehicle’s surveillance. You will no longer need to rely on police reports and secondhand accounts for any fender benders or vehicle theft.