The Importance of Dash Cams for Capital Pumping


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Dash cams may be important especially if your work involves time on the road. Today we had the opportunity to chat with Ruben Gomez, Safety Director from Capital Pumping on how dash cams have been beneficial to their company. Capital Pumping located in Texas, started in 1971 and has been providing highly trained operators, experienced mechanics, and the highest quality equipment. Many incidents were happening, and the company did not have a tool to record the incidents that were being reported. With 130 trucks, driving all around Texas it can be hard to keep track of what is happening on the job site and the road.

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In order to promote safety, Capital Pumping researched different types of dash cams on the market and eventually set their sights on the Papago GoSafe 30G. What really made this model stand out was the maximum support of the microSD card and the quality of video. Once they were fitted into the trucks, Ruben raved about the GoSafe 30G in quality in video and sound, size, capability, and the maximum support of the microSD card. He stated that it was an easy installation and it ran perfectly for a long period. The concrete trucks are running up to 10-13 hours per day and the 30G was able to capture footage for the workday. It was incredibly important for them to have a loop recording feature, have up to 13 hours of recording, and the clarity of video during nighttime, which the 30G was able to provide.

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            In a situation where having a dash cam, it really came in handy when a worker tripped while on the job site and made claims to the company in order to get workers compensation. With dash cam footage of what really happened Capital Pumping was able to have hard evidence of the event that occurred and finding out that the workers claim was false. In several vehicle accidents, the dash cam has also been a vital tool in showing that they were not at fault.  You’ll never know when you need a dash cam for insurance purposes and to allow you to drive with peace in mind.