Papago at CES 2019


You’re invited! Start off the new year with new tech. We will be showcasing the newest dash cameras for your vehicle! We will be showcasing dash cameras perfect for Rideshare drivers, compact models, and dual dash cameras! If you are heading to CES this year January 8 – 11, 2019, stop by our booth in the South Hall, #35675.

G-Style Magazine: GoSafe S810 Chosen as One of the Best Dash Cams of 2018

Dual-Channel with SONY Exmor Sensor

Dual-Channel with SONY Exmor Sensor

The GoSafe S810 has been announced as one of the best dash camera released in 2018 on G-Style Magazine!

This model is dual channel and records in 1080P. Additionally, it features the SONY Exmor sensor ensuring users that will have crystal clear footage for day and night.

Check out the article on G-Style Magazine!

What to expect from PAPAGO! at SEMA 2018!

Papago Invitation

LA, October 2018 – This year at SEMA you can expect to see some of our newest dash cameras in the GoSafe line! Designed with safety in mind, Papago will introduce the GoSafe 366, the GoSafe S10Wifi, and the GoSafe B10. All three dash cameras are created with user friendliness in mind to create the best possible experience for the modern driver.

GoSafe 366is a dual dash cam that features a 3.5” touch screen to give users easy access on users. Consumers have been asking for Wi-Fi connectivity through their dash cam so data can easily be received and transported and have real-time live view, so we brought in this new feature. When the car is parked the dash cam will be able to record 24/7, so your vehicle is always being surveyed. If the dash cam detects any motion it will begin to record. To make things even better this dash cam has anti-corruption technology so that users will no longer need to reformat their SD card periodically and store more footage that will support up to 256GB.

GoSafe S10Wifi – is a small and discreet dash cam that does not feature a screen. This is great for drivers who does not want to obstruct their view and still record everything on the road. To view and transfer footage users will be able to easily access it through Wi-Fi connectivity.

GoSafe B10 – What is great about the GoSafe B10 is that it’s a dual dash cam but set in one device making it quick and easy to set up. The dash cam records in the front and inside the cabin of the car. This also features the Sony Exmor sensor so recordings will be clear day and night.

               Papago Inc. is years ahead of its competition when it comes dash cam firmware, features, and quality. To see for yourself, visit us at North Hall, Booth # 12049 at the 2018 SEMA Show.

Upgrade Capabilities to Invest Into Making a Great Car to Drive

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Bluetooth Capabilities

When your vehicle is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity this will improve safety.  By being connected with Bluetooth, this gives the driver the option to listen to music and control their music choices  through their smartphone. More importantly,. Drivers can take phone calls while being hands-free.

Rear View Camera

In the U.S. having a backup camera is now required in new vehicles to make reversing a lot easier and prevents accidents from happening. If you car is not equipped with this addition a aftermarket option is always available. There is also the option of replacing your entire digital rear view mirror which also serves as a dash cam. With this feature users will be able to record what is happening in the front and the the back of the car.

Alert Displays

Alert displays can be very important and will help prevent accidents from happening. With the age of technology, there are different gadgets and tech that will give you different alerts while driving. If you are familiar with Papago, one of our major focuses is on safety. Each of our dash features driver assist alerts such as, stop sign recognition, stop and go,

Add a USB Charger

Having a USB charger can be a life saver. You’ll never know when you phone may run out of battery. It’s always best to have a option to charge your phone especially if you are on the road.

Dash Cam

Dash cams are becoming more and more popular since you never know what happens on the road. With a dash cam it will record through the dashboard of your vehicle. There are all types of dash cams with different types of features that can fit your needs. It’s always good to have evidence of what happened if you are involved in an accident.

Ways to Keep Your Car in Good Shape!

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Regular Oil Changes

               It’s important to regularly change your oil. Changing your oil when it’s time will keep your engine in good shape. If you neglect to change your car’s engine this can destroy it faster. If you forget when you last changed your oil, it’s best to write it down or add it to your calendar to when you should think about changing your oil.

Keep Your Car Clean

               Keeping your car clean for the exterior and interior is essential in keeping your car in good condition. Cleaning the exterior will keep the paint looking new and for the interior the car materials will not be damaged. This doesn’t mean you have to do a full car detail each time. Simply just wash your car every month and vacuum the interior and wipe everything down, this will keep your car nice and clean.

Storing Your Car in a Safe Place

               While not everyone may have the chance to store their car in the garage, it can be useful to do so. Parking in a garage will keep your car safe from thieves and the outside elements. If you have no choice but to park outside, it’s good to put a sun protector in your front window each time it’s sunny out. This will prevent the sun from drying out the plastic and leather in your car.

Have a Dash Camera

               There are dash cameras that will record when they detect motion, this may be handy, so your car will always be secure. Dash cams can be useful for instances if you were in a car accident. By having a dash cam you will be able to have footage of what really happened. If you check out one of our latest dash cams, the GoSafe S810 a motion detection mode and other amazing features are part of this dual dash camera.

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Prep Your Car for the Winter

               Before you know it, Winter will roll around. To keep your car in good condition throughout the Winter make sure to keep a Winter box in your car with supplies such as flashlight, gloves, and first aid kit. Change the fluids in your car to make sure they are antifreeze. Make sure the tire pressure and tread depth are in good shape this will help you get around better in the cold.

Why it’s Important for Uber, Lyft, and Rideshare Drivers to Have Dash Cam

Dual-Channel with SONY Exmor Sensor

Transportation services like Uber, Lyft, and Rideshare have become increasingly important and popular in this modern age for people to get around. While many of these services are readily available, there are many risks for the driver who is providing these services. Some of these risks include car accidents, unruly passengers, and fraudulent claims. Since drivers never know who they are picking up each time, it’s always best to be safe and place a dash cam in their car when driving.

Here are some cases where incidents has happened to drivers.

With technology becoming more prevalent in our daily lives, getting a dash cam has become more accessible and affordable for everyone. It’s important that drivers protect themselves with a dash cam. If you are not familiar with what a dash cam is, it’s a camera placed on the windshield that records video and audio when driving. With a dash cam the driver is protected by this witness in any accidents or incidents. The recorded footage will give evidence of what happened before and after an incident.

We are here to make it easy to find the right dash cam for your car. If you constantly have passengers in your car for work the GoSafe S810 or the GoSafe S780 maybe be the perfect reliable dash cam for your vehicle. Both of these cameras have a front and rear camera. They are also amazing in low light environments because of the SONY Exmor and Starvis sensors that are parts of the camera. You can place the rear camera on your front windshield to face inside your car, so you’ll be able to see what’s happening inside your car at all times. Even if you don’t need the rear camera recording inside your car, you can face this camera facing your rear on your rear windshield to record what is happening behind your vehicle. With a dash camera in your car you’ll be more safe and have peace in mind if anything ever happens to you.

Check out the full specs to see which dash camera is better for you!

Top Causes of Car Accidents


Unfortunately, car accidents are very common in the United States. Some crashes may be minor, but some end up to terrible car crashes that takes lives of thousands each year. Even if you are a very careful driver it does not mean other share the same sentiment. It’s always best to be a very aware driver to prevent accidents from happening.

Today we are sharing with you some of the major causes of accidents on the road. Read carefully to make sure you know what to look out for when you’re driving.

Reckless Driving 

Speeding over the limit, changing lanes too quickly, and acting aggressive on the road can lead to accidents. It is incredibly important to keep calm while driving to avoid accidents caused by carelessness. If you see a driver acting this way, it’s best to stay away from them.

Tires and Breaks

It is possible to get a flat tire while driving, and this can cause you to swerve unexpectedly. Take control of your wheel and calmly pull over to the side. Having both your tires pressure and brakes in good condition is essential to driving. This can easily be done with our GoSafe TPMS100 which monitors your tire pressure, so you can have peace in mind while on the road.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is becoming a large threat. Many are texting, eating, reading, and applying making up while behind the wheel. It’s so important to know that you should not be distracted at all while you are driving.


It may be very frustrating when a car is driving very slow, but always keep a good distance between the car in front of you. This allow you to react if they make any sudden breaks or turns.

Drunk Driving

Driving drunk is causes deadly and dangerous accidents. NEVER drive drunk or let a friend drive if they are intoxicated. It is not worth the risk.

Slick Roads

When it’s raining roads will become increasingly slippery and the visibility of the road will be hard to see. If you are unable to see it is best to get off the road. If the road is slippery it is best to drive cautiously at a lower speed.

Reasons it’s so Important to have a Dashcam in 2018

Dashboard cameras have been very popular over the past years because of the many benefits. If you aren’t too familiar with how a dash cam works, it’s a camera mounted at the dashboard of your car. It is designed to record everything that is happening on the road when you are driving. Nowadays dash cams are accessible to any drivers, ranging taxi drivers, bus drivers, and police officers. Today, we will give you a little insight of why it’s so important to drive with a dash cam in this modern age

Have Hard Evidence of Your Accident

Drivers will often have different memories and descriptions of a car accident. With a dash cam you will have hard evidence in video that you were not driver that was responsible for causing the accident. This can save from fault by the car insurance company and from receiving higher car insurance rates moving forward. In the long run, it is always best to be on the safe side to save you time, money, and having peace in mind.

Protect Yourself from Insurance Fraud



In some cases there are a lot of dishonest people trying to make a quick buck off of innocent drivers on the road. Shockingly, there are some people so run towards car to pretend that a car has hit them. In these instances, a dash cam can be life saving because you actually stand a chance in a courtroom. With your own video evidence no one could pull a fast one on you.

For Worrying Parents

If you’re a parent then you might already be familiar with a scary feeling watching them drive off. Having a dash cam connect with a GPS Antenna is great if you want to keep a watchful eye of their whereabouts. You will also be able to review the dash cam recordings to see how they are driving when you aren’t around. If they are making any mistakes you will be able to fix any bad driving habits before it becomes serious.

Document Your Journey 

On a more lighthearted note, dash cams aren’t just for catching evidence. If you ever go on a road trip you can document your entire journey from point A to point B. Imagine driving through the coast which can be a once in a lifetime journey, you would be able to beautiful capture all of that on a dash cam. Do not forget to bring some extra SD cards if your trip is incredibly long! One of our best cameras for that is our GoSafe S810.

Getting a dash cam is a step in taking control of your vehicle’s surveillance. You will no longer need to rely on police reports and secondhand accounts for any fender benders or vehicle theft.


Papago! Releases the GoSafe S810

Dual-Channel with SONY Exmor Sensor

Dual-Channel with SONY Exmor Sensor

LA, April 2018 – Papago releases the new GoSafe S810 with a reliable two-channel dash camera giving you peace of mind. The S810 will become your discreet and personal witness to all the events unfolding on the road, with cameras facing your front and rear end. The front camera features Sony’s Exmor sensor that renders beautiful and ultra clear images at a resolution of 1080p and 30fps. This really hones in on any details that any other camera might miss. The rear camera has a 120-degree field of view, coming in handy to catch license plates and those close calls. Like most Papago dash cams, it’s lightweight and easy to install, and has multiple recording modes, including Loop Recording, Motion Detection, and Monitor Mode. The S810 is also capable of supporting up to a 128 MicroSD card for extended recording time. Stay tuned for new and upcoming releases from Papago!

            ABOUT PAPAGO!

PAPAGO! Inc. was established in Taiwan in 2001 and has become the leading brand in Asia, Australia, and now America. In 2011, PAPAGO! Inc. became an IPO in Taiwan and has begun to invest more in the car safety industry.

PAPAGO! Inc. has dedicated themselves to promising drivers the most comfortable and safest journeys on the road. PAPAGO! strives to develop products that are user-friendly and promote safety as a key feature. When creating products, the goal is to ensure that the consumer will enjoy all the benefits that our research and design team intended, at an affordable price. At PAPAGO! Inc., safety meets technology to provide drivers with a more secure driving experience.

The Importance of Formatting your Micro SD Card and How to!

The process of formatting your micro SD card or memory card is preparing the flash device for the storage of data. It wipes the SD card clean by removing previously existing data and information that is on the card and creates a new file system in the process. I know you may be thinking, “But my dashcam has a loop recording function, why would I need to format the SD card?”. Well, although the dashcam records over old footage it’s still possible for fragments of previous data to be left on the memory card. These remnants of data can pile up and make the card more susceptible to data errors or corruption possibly causing˜ discrepancies in your footage or damaged files.

In consideration to this, I recommend formatting your micro SD card in your computer prior to its first use for good measure. Subsequently, you may format the micro SD card in your dashcam itself. You also have the option of taking advantage of the “Format Warning” feature that allows you to set a reminder that will pop up on your dashcam to remind you every 15, 30, or 60 days. Before you format your micro SD card, always remember to save whichever footage clips or photos you would like to keep before formatting, all data on the micro SD card will be deleted during the process of formatting.


In order to format the micro SD card through your PC computer please follow these steps:

Step 1) Make sure the microSD card is inserted inside the adapter.
Step 2) Insert the adapter (with the microSD card inside the adapter) into the laptop.
Step 3) Once inserted, a window should pop up showing what’s inside the SD card. Within this window you should see “This PC” on the side bar options, go ahead and click “This PC”
Step 4) This will show you an overview of your PC contents, under “Devices and Drives” you should see your SD card and how much space is free on the card. Usually named “SDHC”.
Step 5) Right click on the name of your SD card “SDHC”
Step 6) After right-clicking on your SD card, a drop down menu should come up and you’ll see the option “Format…”, click that button to bring up the Format window.
Step 7) Leave the default settings that are there and click “Start”
Step 8) After format is complete, click “Close” then right click on your SD card and choose “Eject”


In order to format the micro SD card through your MAC computer please follow these steps:

Step 1) Connect the memory card reader to the computer.
Step 2) Make sure the microSD card is inserted inside the adapter.
Step 3) Insert the adapter (with the microSD card inside the adapter) into the SD card reader.
Step 4) Double-click “Macintosh HD”.
Step 5) Select “Applications”.
Step 6) Double-click “Utilities”.
Step 7) Double-click “Disk Utilities”.
Step 8) Select the SD card in the left side of the window. It will be named something similar to “SDHC”, “NO NAME” or “UNTITLED”
Step 9) Click the “Erase” tab in the middle of the window.

Step 10) Click, on the “Format” drop down menu and select “MS-DOS (FAT)” if the card is 32gb or smaller. If any larger, please select “ExFAT”.

Step 11) A pop up will appear asking, “Are you sure you want to erase the partition “SD CARD NAME?” Go ahead and click “Erase”, then the computer begins the format.

WARNING: Formatting will erase all data on the device. Please back up your data you would like to keep before proceeding.

If you run into any issues while attempting to format your SD card, please feel free to reach us at


By Papago Technical Support