Papago! Releases the New GoSafe TPMS100, A Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System



Papago! Releases the New GoSafe TPMS100,
A Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

LOS ANGELES, May 19, 2016- Designed with driver’s safety in mind, PAPAGO! introduces the GoSafe TPMS 100, an easy to install tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) created to minimize chances of accidents, improve fuel efficiency, lengthen the life of tires, and minimize suspension wear on cars that do not already have a TPMS.
Wireless tire sensors inspect the pressure and temperature of each tire and then send the information to a receiver, a compact device that shows the information in an easy-to-read display. The receiver, integrated with a USB port, goes inserted into the car’s lighter. When an abnormal change in pressure or temperature occurs, the receiver beeps and identifies which specific tire is impaired, alerting the driver to pull over. With the GoSafe TPMS 100, all you’ll have to do is focus on the road. Please visit GoSafe TPMS100 for features, videos and reviews.



   PAPAGO! Inc. was established in Taiwan in 2001 and has become the leading brand in Asia, Australia, and now America. In 2011, PAPAGO! Inc. became an IPO in Taiwan and has begun to invest more in the car safety industry.
PAPAGO! Inc. has become a pioneer in the dash camera market. They dedicated themselves to promising drivers the most comfortable and safest journeys when driving on the road. PAPAGO! strives to develop products that are user-friendly and promote safety as a key feature. When creating products, our goal is to ensure that the consumer will enjoy all the benefits that our research and design team intended, at an affordable price. At PAPAGO! Inc., safety meets technology to provide drivers with a more secure driving experience.

Press Contact

Paulina Soria

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PAPAGO! Leading the Way: CES 2016

PAPAGO! is pleased to announce that we will be showcasing our newest and most popular dash cams at CES 2016. Dash cams are rising in popularity, especially in North America, which has been quite slow in catching on to the trend. Our dash cams not only offer complete coverage of your drive in stunning 1080HD video they also help safeguard from distracted driving by offering such features like Stop and Go, Light Reminder, and Stop Sign Recognition. PAPAGO! initially started out as a software company so they have many years ahead of the competition when it comes to the development of the driver assistance features.


New Product Highlights

The GoSafe 388 is designed to capture the entire road without taking up space on your windshield. Made with ionized molecular material to prevent bacteria build-up this micro-sized dash cam records in high quality 1080HD and 142° angle, so you are certain to capture everything in your path. The motion detection feature protects your vehicle from any mishaps during your absence while the Stop & Go, Light Reminder, and Driver Fatigue warning features help keep you focused on the road. The optional GPS antenna will help track your location and speed. Record those important instances with amazing footage and precision.


The flagship model to be released early this year is the GoSafe 268. This model mounts onto the mirror replacing the stock rearview mirror. The LCD screen is embedded into the mirror with an easy user interface. The Sony sensor and high-quality mirror lens will provide the top video quality in every lighting situation and climate, while supporting up to a 64GB Micro SD card. Unlike any other dash cam on the market the GoSafe 268 has the parking guard feature, which will allow the dashcam to record 10 second videos when the device feels a bump or is hit in anyway, with or without a power supply when the battery is fully charged. This innovative design is the only one in its’ class.


If you are attending CES 2016 plan to make a visit to our booth so you can learn more about what we have to offer and to see the amazing quality and features of our dash cams. CES 2016 is going to be amazing and we are really excited to be a part of it and share with you all the great strides we have made to make PAPAGO! a brand to talk about. Sands Expo Booth #72870 January 6-9, 2016.


Established in Taipei, Taiwan in 2001, PAPAGO! Inc. has now expanded to China, Russia, Australia, Japan, and now America and Canada. Here at PAPAGO! Inc. we are excited to finally bring our innovative designs and concepts to the US and Canada. With over 10 years experience in the GPS software and hardware industry we continue to branch out to other related products that are sure to become market leaders in car safety devices and driving recorders.




PAPAGO! at SEMA 2015


News Announcement

We will be at SEMA 2015!

We are excited to announce we will attend SEMA to showcase new products.

SEMA Banner_2015

Dear Friends and Valued Customers,

You are receiving this announcement because we want you to be the first to know that PAPAGO! is launching new products that will be announced at the 2015 SEMA show on November 3-6. As you well know, we strive to develop and design top-of-the-line dashcams that are built with the latest technology and firmware available.

This year we have accomplished a lot with your help. So we do not want to lose that momentum. Our engineering team has been fast at work creating new dashcams that have better video quality as well as improved features that our customers have come to know and depend on.

Make your appointment to come by our booth #11680 in the LVCC, North Hall, so we can show you what we have in store for 2016. Email us back to give us the best date and time during the show that works best for you. Hope to see you in Vegas!




New! Rearview Mirror Mount Dashcam

The GoSafe 268 is an anti-glare rear view mirror dashcam that can support up to a 64GB MicroSD card. The Sony sensor helps to create stunning videos; day or night and the mounting clip can easily fit up to 90% of most vehicles.

Smaller Dashcams are all the Rage

The PAPAGO! S30, although smaller than most other designs, does not lack in video quality. The Sony sensor will provide you with excellent footage that will amaze your friends and family. Still loaded with many useful features like: Stop and Go, Motion Detection, GPS-ready, and Light Reminder. It can also support up to a 64GB MicroSD card.

The PAPAGO! GoSafe 388 is probably one of the most compact dashcams on the market. The engineering team got creative with this camera by housing it with ionized materials to ward off bacteria. Much like the S30, the GoSafe 388 supports up to 64GB MicroSD card and also comes equipped with driver assistance features.


Important Update! Firmware Updates

firmware update

Dashcam Updates

GoSafe 520 Version: Ver.1007(us)
Major Updates 1. Fixed the problem in the motion detection mode so that the dashcam will automatically record after selecting motion detection mode.
2. Supports 64GB SD card (originally MAX, 32G)
3. Menu Button on LCD screen can be “hidden”.
4. Adjust the recording volume.
GoSafe 381/LORA Version: Build: 20150910 (V1.16)
Major Updates 1. Added Time Zone
2. GPS automatically adjusts for correct time
3. Added option for user to switch the opening jingle ON/OFF.
GoSafe 200 Version: Build: 20150811 (v1.21)
Major Update 1. Add Stop Sign Recognition Function (only works in normal video mode)
2. Motion Detection adjusted for sensitivity
3. GPS format bug fixed on video string; default date set to 2015/01/01
4. Added “Power on/off Sound”. Allows you to turn off/on opening jingle.
GoSafe 118 Version: GS118-US Build: 20150807 (V1.08)
Major Update Added “Power on/off Sound”. Allows you to turn off/on opening jingle.

Which Memory Card it Right for Your Dashcam?

Choosing the Right SD Card

Here at PAPAGO! Inc. we know our customers expect reliable, top-of-the-line dashcams. We also know that choosing the right SD card is not always easy. The choices available are wide and varied without any real way to track everything that is sold in the market. We always recommend that you make your purchase from a reputable vendor and steer clear from generic brands.

Our Top Choices

The following SD card brands have been tested and are compatible with our cameras: ADATA, Kingston, Patriot, and Transcend (8GB-32GB max and must be rated class 10 or higher). Others may work, however these are the brands we have tested.

Good-SDIncompatible Cards

We do not recommend SanDisk or Samsung cards because after a short period of time they often become incompatible and cause disruption in the operation of the dashcam.

badsdNot Listed?

If your choice of card is not listed and have questions please contact the PAPAGO! Tech Team by email or by calling us at 1.844.9PAPAGO.

New Driver Assistance Features for Select PAPAGO! Dashcams

dashcamMany long-time dashcam users may not want all the bells and whistles that come with an advanced dashcam with driver assistance features; they just want a reliable camera that will capture crystal clear footage. Others have grown to trust and rely on the driver assistance features that can be found exclusively in PAPAGO! dashcams.



With the release of new firmware updates for the LORA/GoSafe 381, the GoSafe 200, and the P3 users will now have Stop Sign Recognition. With Stop Sign Recognition your dashcam will use advanced visual tracking of any stop signs in its’ view and alert you by beeping and showing a stop sign icon on the LCD screen. Avoid any mishaps by never running a stop sign again.


Available exclusively with the P3, the Driver ScoreBoard (point system) is a revolutionary new way to travel those treacherous roads. We all know the importance of good driving habits. With this system you can earn points by following all precautions and driving well. You can lose points when accelerating todashcamo fast, slamming your brakes, any collisions, speeding, sudden lane changes, driving too close to the car in front of you for a long period of time, and not keeping up with traffic after the traffic light switches from red to green, or if the Stop & Go feature is activated two or more times. Stick to the rules of the road and keep your ScoreBoard at 5 stars. Never allow yourself to get to zero stars!


With these new additions to an already robust set of driver assistance features, PAPAGO! dashcams are way ahead of the competition. Drivers using PAPAGO! dashcams will soon find that they will come to rely on these safety features to keep them focused and secure while driving. Imagine a world without distracted drivers and I can assure you that PAPAGO! dashcams will be the reason behind it.

Policing with Dashcams

People are in a position where they almost have to record their interactions with the world around them. In metropolitan cities things happen in a flash of a second and a recorded event can get captured forever. Currently law enforcement and community relations are in a crisis that is creating such tension and huge rifts between the two. With the use of dashcams both sides can prove facts and save a lot of time. People do not always remember events exactly has they happened, especially when they are in a threatening situation.

Right now is a pivotal and important time in our history for individuals everywhere to use recorded evidence via video cameras in order to prove fault in an accident or to capture harrowing or threatening situations. Being able to record your daily drive or epic travels on a small device such as a dashcam is sure to become much more common place as consumers and law enforcement the world over realize the huge benefits of owning one. In just one accident where your camera’s footage proves fault can save hundreds if not thousands in insurance claims and court costs for the innocent party.

gs520_3The PAPAGO! GoSafe 520 is designed with the capability to record video with IMAX-grade quality by using the latest Ambarella A7L chip that can record in 2K and 21:9 ultra-wide video. If you are a video editing whiz, then you are well aware of the benefits of being able to record in 720p at 60 fps if you want. That slow motion, thrilling video vignette will be smooth and crystal clear with no lag in video. The widest range of view at 146° can be found exclusively with the GoSafe 520, made possible because of the cutting edge design built with a 6 crystal glass lens. You can be certain that everything in your path will be recorded with precision and clarity.

The GoSafe 272 offers necessary safety features with a powerful video capture rate that will make a perfectgs272_1 fit in your vehicle. The screw on mount will ensure that the device stays securely in place with its’ small suction mount that is made with the highest quality material. The G-Sensor will back up all emergency files when it feels an impact and loop over old footage unless you write-protect it. Once the device is set you can begin to look through all the menu options and use the GoSafe 272 to its’ fullest potential. It has a 2.4” LCD screen and 140° ultra-wide angle lens that will capture everything on video or snapshot. With 1080p/30 fps capture rate and 200-million pixel CMOS sensor the footage you capture will be vivid and so true to life that you will be astonished.

The business of policing is currently enveloped so deeply in controversy over the rift between community and law enforcement. New laws are requiring the release of video footage from police dashcams to be used as evidence and stricter camera requirements are quickly becoming commonplace. With the advent of the dashcam came the opportunity for both law enforcement and local citizens to protect themselves from fabricated stories that try to displace blame. What can be more concrete than crystal clear video showing exactly what happened?

Firmware Upgrade Notice

firmware update

Hello! We would like to let you know that there have been firmware upgrades for the following products:

  • GoSafe 52o
    • New G-Sensor
  • GoSafe 200
    • New G-Sensor
  • GoSafe 260
    • New G-Sensor
  • GoSafe 272
    • New G-Sensor

Please go to the Support tab on the product page if you are interested in updating the firmware.