AirFresh S10D Air Purifier

Part Number: S10DUS


Are you and your loved ones breathing the purest air possible?
Now you can, and it only takes 6 minutes! With the AirFresh S10D Air Purifier, you can cleanse the air for a healthier car or small space environment. The AirFresh S10D uses SHARP’s second generation dust detector to release positive and negative ions to kill bacteria and harmful PM 2.5. It can cover an area of up to 10 cubic meters, and is easily operated by the wave of your hand. The AirFresh comes with a magnetic detachable base that fits perfectly in your vehicle’s cup holder so you can use it indoors or in your car, and, uses a simple display to monitor temperature, humidity, and PM 2.5 in real time. Having an AirFresh car has never been so easy.