GoLiFE Care Smart Band



Inspired by fine accessories, GOLife CARE smart band embodies a timeless aesthetic design. Displaying a keen fashion sense, it definitely stands out from any other smart fitness band on the market. GoLife CARE brings users an all-day living experience. In the morning, CARE wakes users up gently with the built-in vibrating alarm at a time they set. Throughout the day, it tracks users’ steps, knows the distance they trekked, and how many calories were burned. CARE has a specially designed feature for busy people that often put their smart phones on silent. CARE will alert them when there’s an incoming call. At night, it could record users’ sleep quality and patterns. Users may check all their stored data on the GoLife APP from their Android or iOS device, simply by syncing the data using Bluetooth. The GoLife Care can be used for up to 8 days after fully charged. As life evolves our goals are constantly changing. Learn what it will take for you reach those pivotal life goals.

Available Colors