GoSafe 350Mini Dash Camera

Part Number: GS3508G


Sometimes, smaller IS better. With an exclusive Lane Departure Warning System preinstalled in GoSafe 350, to keep you safe and on track, this dash cam has built-in GPS logging to record your GPS coordinates and speed. When an important event occurs, you’ll know exactly when and where the incident occurred. The GoSafe 350mini is designed to record a 142 ° ultra wide angle, and supports AV-OUT function so you can easily watch your videos on a TV or computer. This all-glass lens dash cam covers a larger field of view, capturing both sides of the road with great detail. To ensure maximum security, like most Papago dash cams, this potent device has multiple recording modes to choose from, including Auto Recording, Motion Detection, and Monitor Mode, and, is fully equipped with Papago’s famous Driver Assist Features. The GoSafe 350mini is surely not to be underestimated.