GoSafe 366

Part Number: GW366-US


The GoSafe 366 has a very sleek design completed with a 3.5 inch touch screen to make it easy on users. This dash camera will also record in 140° wide angle and in 1080P high definition in both front and rear for crystal clear recordings in day and night. Surveying your vehicle won’t become a problem, the 366 will record 24/7. This will work well with the new Wi-Fi capability feature where the user can easily view dash cam footage through their phone. Another notable feature included in the GoSafe 366 is a 256GB microSD chip, which will be able to store a large amount of memory and is format free. This new anti-file corruption technology solves the problem of having to periodically needing to format their SD card. This will save users a lot of time and leave having a dash cam become hassle free.  A built in GPS logging system will help users be able to track all the routes that were driven. With the 366, you won’t miss what is happening on the road and when your vehicle is parked.