GoSafe S20G

Part Number: GSS20G16G


The GoSafe S20G is a high-performance dash cam that provides flawless 1080p high definition quality video footage. A 2.7” LCD screen gives users easy access to view and control their dash cam. The S20G features the Sony Exmor sensor ensuring that you will have clear video in low light situations, rendering well lit videos during night time.  Shooting at 130° angle this will allow you to catch all the small details on the road, such as license plates. GPS logging will allow you to view the speed and all the routes that were driven. Additionally, this dash cam comes equipped with Driver Assist features like Stop Sign Recognition, Stop and Go (alerting you to begin driving after you have been stopped at a light), Light Reminder, and Driver Fatigue Alarm.With the GoSafe S20G, drivers can drive with ease and have the assurance of everything on the road in case of emergencies.