GoSafe S30 Dash Camera

Part Number: GSS308G


The PAPAGO! GoSafe S30 uses the latest technology available for any dash cam on the market. The combination of the Sony sensor and the high quality glass lens will provide its’ user with the highest 1080HD video resolution. With this new combination of sensor and lens you will maintain the highest quality video at night or in inclement weather. With the automatic EV value adjustments you are always guaranteed to get top notch video resolution day or night. The driver assistance safety features sets our dash cam apart from our competition. The GoSafe S30 comes fully equipped with stop sign recognition, stop and go (alerting you to begin driving after you have been stopped at a light), light reminder, driver fatigue warning, and motion detection. The ability to record more footage is finally here! The GoSafe S30 is one of the few dash cams that can support up to a 64GB MicroSD card. This allows for much more storage space before it loops over old footage. Recording those rare moments on the road has never been easier or more precise.