GoSafe S36 Dash Camera

Part Number: GSS368GSC


The smallest dash cam in the market, the Papago GoSafe S36 was crafted with the highest technology available. This petite device has 1296 ultra high definition capabilities and 2 K super HD resolution, day and night. Equipped with the latest Ambrella A7L chip, the GoSafe S36 has three different recording modes to chose from, like Auto Recording, Motion Detection, and Monitor Mode, all recorded at an 175 degree wide view angle. With 64GB support, this dash cam allows for more than 12 hours of recording time before oldest files are overwritten. Not to mention, it comes loaded with Papago’s famous Driver Assist Features, like Stop Sign Recognition, Driver Fatigue Alarm, and Headlight Reminder. Let this low-profile dash cam give your family the safety it needs, and the peace of mind you deserve.