GoSafe S37 Dash Camera

Part Number: GSS378GBB


Ready for any nighttime adventure, the PAPAGO! GoSafe S37 dash cam uses Sony’s Exmor sensor to provide high quality 1080HD videos day, night or in inclement weather, and, has adjustable EV (exposure values),to guarantee top notch video resolution. Like most Papago dash cams, the GoSafe S37 has multiple recording modes, including Loop Recording, Motion Detection, and Monitor Mode. Additionally, this dash cam comes equipped with Driver Assist features like Stop Sign Recognition, Stop and Go (alerting you to begin driving after you have been stopped at a light), Light Reminder, and Driver Fatigue Alarm. Last but not least, the GoSafe S37 is one of the few dash cams that can support up to 128GB MicroSD cards. This allows for 16 hours of storage space before it loops over old footage! Now, confidently record all those rare moments, anytime of day.