Part Number: RAY


Do you find yourself having visibility issues with your rear view mirror? Is your rear windshield too small or too dark to look out of? The all-new RAY from Papago is sure to help remedy all of those problems! Papago RAY is a direct replacement for your traditional rear view mirror and solves most its issues such as glare, narrow field of view, and low visibility. It pairs a powerful rear camera along with a big 7.8 inch screen to provide you with a real-time feed of what’s behind you. Any visual obstructions such as dark tinted windows or a rear seat full of people are no longer a problem. Not only is RAY a powerful rear camera, it also features a dash camera on the mirror itself allowing you to record both front and rear cameras at the same time onto the included microSD card. RAY is the future of rear view mirrors and is sure to help you and your loved ones stay safe on the road.